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Concavia S

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  • Concavia S

Compact high bay luminaire with a choice of reflectors combining aesthetic quality with high performance

  • Puristic and innovative design suits modern building architecture
  • Option of aluminium, plastic and glass reflectors offering direct/indirect distribution, each with individual aesthetical appearance
  • Pre-installed with 1.5m (3 x 1mm²) mains cable for easy electrical connection and installation
  • A range of suspension options to suit various applications

Materials and Finish

Gearbox: extruded and die cast aluminium, silver anodised painted finish
Reflectors: high-purity sandblasted aluminium, prismatic polycarbonate, acrylic or glass
Reflector covers: prismatic or toughened glass
Suspension brackets: stainless steel

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for single point suspension on wire, chain or twin-wire unit. All luminaires are supplied with a pre-installed 1.5m (3 x 1mm²) grey cable for easy tool-free installation. Cover needed for all unprotected HIE/HIT lamps.


To specify state:
High bay reflector luminaire for 42-57W TC-TEL compact fluorescent, 60-250W QT halogen, 70-150W HIE metal halide, 70W HIPAR metal halide, 70-150W HIT metal halide lamps with tool-free installation, pre-installed 1.5m (3 x 1mm²) LSOH mains cable, IP23 aluminium housing in silver, anodised finish, sandblasted aluminium, prismatic polycarbonate, acrylic or glass reflector, stainless steel suspension brackets, tested at an ambient temperature of 35°C.
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Concavia S Housing

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CONCAVIA S 1x150W HIT HF L000MTG124.0096228835
CONCAVIA S 1x150W HIT HF LIMTG122.7096218699
CONCAVIA S 1x42W TC-TEL HF L000FSMGX24q-42.1096228826
CONCAVIA S 1x42W TC-TEL HF L840FSMGX24q-41.9096218687
CONCAVIA S 1x42W TC-TEL HFI L000FSMGX24q-44.5196549153
CONCAVIA S 1x42W TC-TEL HFI L840FSMGX24q-44.5096550531
CONCAVIA S 1x57W TC-TEL HF L000FSMGX24q-52.1996228828
CONCAVIA S 1x57W TC-TEL HF L840FSMGX24q-51.9096218689
CONCAVIA S 1x57W TC-TEL HFI L000FSMGX24q-53.1096549152
CONCAVIA S 1X57W TC-TEL HFI L840FSMGX24q-53.1096550530
CONCAVIA S 1x60-250W QT/A E27 No BallastHSGTE271.7096218692
CONCAVIA S 1x70W HIT HF L000MTG122.3096228833
CONCAVIA S 1x70W HIT HF LIMTG122.2096218697

Concavia S Attachments

Concavia S Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONCAVIA KIT MSW1 2M0.1096218764
CONCAVIA KIT MSW1 4m0.1396218765