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  • Hi-Rack
  • Hi-Rack

A range of fluorescent luminaires with 'area' or 'rack' reflectors for interior spaces with high ceilings

  • Optional integral sensor maximises energy savings compared to traditional HID hi-bays
  • Quick and simple installation - external direct wiring access removes the need to dismantle the luminaire
  • High output emergency solutions enable higher mounting heights, with better spacings, to be achieved
  • Plastic cover versions available

Materials and Finish

Housing: white steel with polycarbonate end caps
Reflector: high grade aluminium, wide optic - Satinbrite, rack optic - Mirrorbrite
Attachment cover: UV stable polycarbonate

Installation and Mounting

Mounting kits to be ordered separately. Please note, a 100mm gap must be left between the top of the luminaire and any surface. For wire suspension, accessory kit 96535236 slides directly on to the back of the body and can be easily adjusted. Accessory kit 96535235 allows trunking mounting via 20mm holes or rod mounting via 10mm holes. For canalis trunking system mounting accessory 96239583 can be used via M6 screw fixings. A 2.5mm² piano key terminal block is accessed externally via a hinged lid (Isodom).
Integral sensor versions come factory pre-set and can be mounted up to 16m. Coverage is on a 1:1 ratio ie at 16m height, the detectors footprint is a 16m diameter circle. Hand held programmer (96102983 SENSALINK SENLP) can be used from the floor to customise sensor settings.


To specify state:
A high bay luminaire supplied with fluorescent T16/T5 (49/80 or 120W) linear lamps, curved body with plastic end caps, wide or rack reflector optics. Isodom connector. Pre-installed factory set sensor, electronic gear, high output emergency.
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Hi-Rack Wide optic

Hi-Rack Wide optic, dimmable

Hi-Rack Wide optic, dimmable with sensor

Hi-Rack Wide optic, emergency

Hi-Rack Wide optic, dimmable, emergency

Hi-Rack Wide optic, dimmable with sensor, emergency

Hi-Rack Rack optic

Hi-Rack Rack optic, dimmable

Hi-Rack Rack optic, dimmable with sensor

Hi-Rack Rack optic, emergency

Hi-Rack Rack optic, dimmable, emergency

Hi-Rack Rack optic, dimmable with sensor, emergency

Hi-Rack Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
HI-RACK KIT FIX BRA0.8096535235
HI-RACK KIT FIX BRA 20.7096239583
HI-RACK KIT MSW0.1096535236