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RCP3 and RCS3

  • RCP3 and RCS3
  • RCP3 and RCS3

Industrial, IP54 rated, T26 (T8) luminaire providing glare controlled light for local individual or mobile work stations

  • Smooth toughened glass cover frame designed for easy cleaning
  • Choice of symmetric or asymmetric light distributions for greater task lighting flexibility
  • ¼ turn fasteners and hinged cover for rapid maintenance access

Materials and Finish

Housing: white coated sheet steel
Reflector: aluminium
Cover enclosure: toughened glass
Louvres: RCP3 optic (asymmetrical): polished anodised aluminium sides, 'fir-tree' type cross vanes and 2 white coated steel longitudinal vanes
RCS3 optic (symmetrical) has same design (sides and cross vanes) as RCP3, but only one centrally located white coated longitudinal vane

Installation and Mounting

Surface mounting: fixing centres 1100mm x 240mm. For suspension options a separate accessory (SAP code 96238634) is required. Pre-fitted 1.8m mains cable (3 x 1.5 mm²). Glass cover retained by four ¼ turn fixings


To specify state:
IP54 luminaire with steel body and toughened glass cover, held in by ¼ turn fasteners, asymmetric or symmetrical optics
As Thorn RCP3 or RCS3

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RCP3 and RCS3 Luminaires

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
RCP 3 2x58W T26 HF L840 ASFDG1318.6096260491
RCS 3 2x58W T26 HF L840 MFDG1318.6096260492