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Reflex 8

  • Reflex 8

Fluorescent reflector luminaire for T26 (T8) lamps with industrial attachments

  • Luminaires can be installed singly or linked togehter in continuous lines (couplers available)
  • Reflector attaches to body without tools for rapid installation
  • Optional louvre for glare control
  • Optional wire guard for lamp protection

Materials and Finish

Body: grey galvanised sheet steel
End caps: white steel
Reflectors: white painted sheet
Wire guard: Zinc coated steel wire
Louvre: White painted steel

Installation and Mounting

This luminaire can be installed as a single luminaire or in continuous rows using couplers. Couplers are sold seperatley as accessories. Mounting options include surface mounting with fixing centres at 1000mm (36W), 1300mm (58W). Chain suspension via bend out tabs located on the body with fixing centres at mm (36W), 1200mm (58W) or rod suspension via 2 x Ø17mm holes located on the back of the body with fixing centres 1000mm (36W), 1300mm (58W).

Cable entry is accessible through a Ø21mm hole located in the back of the body or by Ø20.5mm holes at either end. End caps are available as an accessory.


To specify state:
Batten that can be mounted individually or continuously using couplers, galvanised steel body, using T26 (T8) 36W/58W linear fluorescent lamps. Choice of mounting accessories.
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Reflex 8 Luminaires

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
REFLEX II 1x36W T26 HFFDG133.2096260276
REFLEX II 1x58W T26 HFFDG134.6096260277
REFLEX II 2x36W T26 HFFDG134.0096260278
REFLEX II 2x58W T26 HFFDG135.6096260279

Reflex 8 Attachments

Reflex 8 Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
REFLEX II CPL/R T26x20.0596260285
REFLEX II ECS T26 x20.0696260284