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Robust industrial fluorescent reflector luminaire for use in corrosive environments

  • Robust construction using 0.7mm thick sheet steel
  • Quick release 1/4 turn fasteners allow rapid access to gear during maintenance
  • Choice of reflector finish (enamelled or anodised) makes it ideal for use in demanding environments
  • Choice of T16 (T5) or T26 (T8) lamp(s)

Materials and Finish

Body: grey galvanised sheet steel (0.7mm thick)
Reflectors: White enamelled sheet metal (vitrified at 820°C), or anodised aluminium
End caps: White steel

Installation and Mounting

Rema has a wide range of mounting options including surface mounting (all fixing parts supplied) with fixing centres at 36W – 1160mm, 58W/80W – 1200mm, 54W – 992mm, chain suspension via two bend out tabs located on the back of the body with fixing centres at 36W – 1000mm, 58W/54W/80W – 1120mm or rod suspension via 2 x Ø17mm holes located on the back of the body at fixing centres 36W/58W/54W – 950mm, 80W – 1040mm.
Wire suspension via accessory kit 96233409.
Cable entry is accessible from the rear though a Ø21mm hole located in the centre of the body or by side entry via Ø20.5mm holes at either end.
Reflectors simply fit to the body by 1/2 turn fastners.
End caps are available as an accessory.
Incline suspension is possible when accessory kit sap code 96504668 is used.


To specify state:
Robust industrial batten with galvanised steel body, reflector with 1/4 turn fasteners, using T26 (T8) 36W/58W or T16 (T5) 54W/80W linear fluorescent lamps, choice of reflector finishes and mounting attachments.
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Rema 3 T26

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
REMA3 1x58w T26 HFFDG134.6096260300
REMA3 2x36w T26 HFFDG134.0096260301
REMA3 2x58w T26 HFFDG135.6096260302

Rema 3 ALU T26

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
REMA3 1x58w T26 HF ALUFDG134.6096260303
REMA3 2x36w T26 HF ALUFDG134.0096260304
REMA3 2x58w T26 HF ALUFDG133.8096260305

Rema 5 T16

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
REMA5 1x80W T16 HFFDHG54.6096260308
REMA5 2*1x54W T16 HFFDHG53.2096260314
REMA5 2*1x80W T16 HFFDHG54.6096260315
REMA5 2x54W T16 HFFDHG52.7096260309
REMA5 2x80W T16 HFFDHG54.6096260310

Rema 5 ALU T16

Rema Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
REMA3 CLIP/LX500.1196260307
REMA3/5 KIT MSFI0.1196260306