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Surf 2

  • Surf 2
  • Surf 2

Moisture proof IP65 batten suitable for workshops, production halls and car parks

  • Slimline IP65 batten for applications with limited installation space
  • Quick turn fasteners removes canopy cover for quick and easy maintenance
  • Choice of protective overtubes designed for maximum application suitability
  • Adjustable oval overtube for directional light possibility (single lamp only)

Materials and Finish

Body: glass fibre reinforced polyester
Overtubes: polycarbonate or oval polycarbonate with built in aluminium reflector
Connector rings: PBT fibreglass reinforced
Reflectors: white steel or aluminium

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for surface mounting in a horizontal or vertical position. Supplied complete with a set of washers for sealing of fixation points. Bare batten comes complete with Ø26 mm connector rings. Cable entry though 20 mm holes at either side of canopy. Canopy cover is removed by retained fasteners. A choice of overtubes are available as accessories. Overtubes fix onto the batten by Ø38 mm connector rings. Oval overtubes with built in aluminium reflector can be adjusted on single lamp versions only, on twin lamp versions oval overtubes do not sit parallel to each other. When plastic tube attachments are used on NC/CP battens, ring kit 96012494 must be used. On all other variants ring kit 96012495 is used.


To specify state:
Moisture proof IP65 batten with light grey GRP canopy with a choice of polycarbonate protective overtubes, 18-58W T26 (T8), 28-54W T16 (T5) linear fluorescent lamps.
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Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
SURF2, KIT FIX (2PCE)0.1096012495