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Titus Industry

  • Titus Industry
  • Titus Industry

A dedicated T16 (T5) luminaire designed to meet the higher demands of industrial applications

  • Robust steel body ensures mechanical strength for challenging environments
  • Mounting brackets allow stepless tilting up to 50°
  • Heavy duty industrial ballast versions for reliable longer life operation
  • Four long toggles ensure consistent IP65 gasket seal

Materials and Finish

Body: matt grey powder painted galvanised steel (close to RAL 7004)
Reflector: high quality aluminium, Miro treated
Protective glass: 4mm toughened glass with EPDM gasket
Halogen free internal wiring

Installation and Mounting

Surface mounted or mounted on catenary wire. Mounting brackets included which allow tilting up to 50 degrees without rotational torque. The centre of gravity is positioned directly below the fastening point. For catenary suspension fastening separate accessories should be ordered.

Electrical connection: Through wiring version with 5x 2x2.5mm² terminal blocks at each end. IP67 grommets supplied, accepting 10 to 14mm cable.


To specify state: Dedicated IP65 industrial luminaire for T16 linear fluorescent lamps, for surface or suspended mounting with brackets which allow tilting up to 50 degrees without rotational torque. As Thorn Titus Industry.

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Titus Industry High frequency

Titus Industry Industrial high frequency

Titus Industry High frequency, dimmable

Titus Industry High frequency, emergency

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
TITUS INDUSTRY 2X49W E3 L840FDHG512.5096547436
TITUS INDUSTRY 2X49W TW E3FDHG512.5096013533

Titus Industry Attachments

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
TITUS LOUVRE 28W/54W DSB0.0096010224
TITUS LOUVRE 35W/49W PSB0.9496010223
TITUS LOUVRE B 35W/49W DSB0.0096010225

Titus Industry Mechanical Attach & Accs.

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
TITUS BRACKETS0.1496010232
TITUS GLAS 35W/49W3.7596010231