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  • Lyric
  • Lyric

Stylish luminaire for wall or ceiling mounting, featuring a 'starburst' base and wide choice of diffusers and bezels

  • Unique aluminium 'starburst' base creates bursts of colour on the mounting surface with optional blue insert
  • Numerous interchangeable diffuser and bezel attachments for choice of colour and shape
  • Aesthetic appeal both lit and unlit
  • Simple twist and lock mechanism from diffuser to base for easy installation and maintenance

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium painted white.
Inserts: opal/blue polycarbonate.
Diffuser: opal polycarbonate.
Bezel: spun aluminium painted white or silver metallic chrome version 15% pureclad polished aluminium.

Installation and Mounting

Surface mounting on wall or ceiling for interior use.
Simple installation with central BESA fixing and double cable entry holes to rear.


To specify state:
Circular wall/ceiling luminaire with die-cast aluminium ‘starburst’ base and wide bezel in white/silver metallic/chrome with flat, domed or conical opal polycarbonate diffuser, 28W/38W TC-DDEL/2 x 18W TC-L lamps and high frequency/dimmable/integral maintained emergency control gear.
As Thorn Lyric.

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Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<LYRIC BASE 2x18w TC-L HF L840FSD2G112.1096232357
LYRIC BASE 1x28w TC-DD HFA L835FSSGR10q2.1096004145
LYRIC BASE 1x28w TC-DDEL HF L840FSSGR10q2.1096232354
LYRIC BASE 1x38w TC-DDEL HF L840FSSGR10q2.1096232356

Lyric Emergency

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
LYRIC BASE 1X28W TC-DD HF E3TX WHI 840FSSGR10q3.3096238557
LYRIC BASE 1x28w TC-DDEL HF E3 L840FSSGR10q2.6096232353
LYRIC BASE 1X38W TC-DD HF E3TX WHI 840FSSGR10q3.7096238558
LYRIC BASE 1x38w TC-DDEL HF E3 L835FSSGR10q2.8096211168
LYRIC BASE 1x38w TC-DDEL HF E3 L840FSSGR10q3.6096232360

Lyric Attachments