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Chalice 190 Discharge

  • Chalice 190 Discharge
  • Chalice 190 Discharge

A range of recessed downlights for discharge lamps with decorative attachments

  • Ideal for showrooms and under canopies
  • Installation is extremely quick and user friendly and requires no tools to connect or fit into ceiling aperture
  • Complete with IP44 protective glass (HIT-CE only)
  • C-ring for semi recessing

Materials and Finish

Body: polycarbonate, black.
Mounting clips: polycarbonate, black.
Bezel: polycarbonate, white.
Reflector: ripple-facetted specular anodised aluminium.
Protective glass: 3mm, clear.

Installation and Mounting

Adjustable fixing clip suitable for ceiling systems 1-50mm. No tools required. Cut out Ø 190mm.


To specify state:
Recessed downlight 35/70/150W HIT-CE, 100W HST, discharge with facetted reflector.
As Thorn Chalice 190 Discharge

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Chalice 190 Discharge

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CHALICE 190V 1X150W HIT-CE CPMTG122.5096009586
CHALICE 190V 1X70W HIT-CE CPMTG122.0096009585