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Cruz 160/210 Gyro

  • Cruz 160/210 Gyro
  • Cruz 160/210 Gyro

A stylish, pivoting, recessed downlight in two sizes for discharge lamps

  • Pivots out up to 60°, rotates 0-355°, position lockable
  • Remote electronic gears
  • Choice of flood (36°) or spot (11°) reflector, supplied complete with protective glass
  • Wide choice of attachments, such as colour filters, food filter, etc.

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium, painted white.
Reflector: high grade anodised aluminium.
Clips: stainless steel spring clip.
Bezel: die-cast aluminium, painted white.

Installation and Mounting

Tool-free installation. Integrated strain relief. 3 pole (3x2x2.5mm²) piano key terminal block as standard in fixed output versions. Retained in ceiling by stainless spring clips. (1-35mm thickness). Choice of weight distribution ring (accesory) for soft ceilings. Can be installed through the cut-out. All common connectors available to order.


To specify state:
Pivoting recessed downlight for 20-70W HIT metal halide lamps. Ø160mm cut-out.
As Thorn Cruz 160 Gyro.

To specify state:
Pivoting recessed downlight for 35-150W HIT metal halide and 50-100W white SON lamps. Ø210mm cut-out.
As Thorn Cruz 210 Gyro.

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Cruz 160 Gyro

Cruz 210 Gyro