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Cruz 205

  • Cruz 205
  • Cruz 205
  • Rapid installation (average mounting time takes only seconds) supported by the sophisticated, patented SEC-LOCK spring mechanism
  • Superior LOR in combination with CFL amalgam lamps (1X32W = 83% LOR)
  • Choice of sources: powerful discharge or horizontal CFL in standard (Cruz H) or low height (Cruz HL) versions
  • Compliant with EN 12464 and LG3/7 addendum in most wattages, with luminance limit of 1000 cd/m² at 65° (specular reflector of type H versions) or 200 cd/m² when used with attachments

Materials and Finish

Body: sandblasted die-cast aluminium
Gear cover: black polycarbonate
Reflector: high grade anodised aluminium
Clips: stainless steel, quick-fix via patented sec-lock mechanism
Bezel: die-cast aluminium

Installation and Mounting

Tool-free rapid installation without previous disassembling; patented sec-lock keeps product in place (1-35mm ceiling thickness). Integrated strain relief. 3 pole (3x2x2.5mm²) piano key terminal block as standard in fixed output versions (dimming versions with 5 poles, emergency versions with 4 poles (E3) or 6 poles (E3TX)). Choice of weight distribution ring (accessory) for soft ceilings, can be installed through the cut out. Attachments easily mounted by tool-free bayonet function. All common connectors to order. Integral or remote gear tray according to the functional requirements.


To specify state:
Horizontal/low downlight (cut out Ø205mm) with die-cast aluminium body for 18-26W TC-DEL/18-32W TC-TEL compact fluorescent, 35-150W HIT metal halide and 50-100W white SON lamps. For emergency versions please specify E3 for manual test or E3TX for SelfTest/Addressable test.
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Cruz 205 V discharge (remote gear)

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CRUZ 205V 1X50W HST GX12 HFSTHGX12-10.9096106795
CRUZ 205V 1X50W HST GX12 HF L825STHGX12-10.9096108196

Cruz 205 H (integral gear)

Cruz 205 H dimmable (remote gear)

Cruz 205 H emergency (remote gear)

Cruz 205 H dimmable, emergency (remote gear)

Cruz 205 HL (integral gear)

Cruz 205 HL dimmable (remote gear)

Cruz 205 HL emergency (remote gear)

Cruz 205 HL dimmable, emergency (remote gear)