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Garbo Ceiling

  • Garbo Ceiling
  • Garbo Ceiling

Stylish, tubular ceiling luminaire with satin diffuser for a "soft" light, complements the Garbo pendant and wall range

  • Classic retro look
  • Attractive tubular diffuser in satin PC
  • Throws light onto the ceiling, reduces contrast between ceiling and luminaire
  • Decorative ring in aluminium

Materials and Finish

Diffuser: satin PC
Housing: sheet steel
Fixings: brushed stainless steel
Decorative ring: aluminium

Installation and Mounting

Distance between mounting fixings is 100mm. Piano key 3 x 1.5mm². Looping possible.


To specify state:
Mellow light ceiling luminaire for 18-26W TC-TEL compact fluorescent lamps, with soft tubular shape and brushed stainless steel fixings.
As Garbo Ceiling.

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Garbo Ceiling

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<GARBO C GLS 75W E27IAE271.0096202808
GARBO C 18W TC-TEL HFFSMGX24q-21.0096202806
GARBO C 18W TC-TEL HF L840FSMGX24q-21.0096547687
GARBO C 26W TC-TEL HFFSMGX24q-31.0096202807
GARBO C 26W TC-TEL HF L840FSMGX24q-31.0096547686