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  • Glorie
  • Glorie

Shallow, ceiling mounted compact fluorescent luminaire with stand-off ring to reduce glare and create halo effect

  • Low energy lamps (16W and 38W)
  • Opal diffuser with white stand-off ring creates simple appearance with attractive halo of light
  • Surface or recessed versions
  • 38W 3hr maintained emergency option available

Materials and Finish

Body, recessed bezel and stand off ring: steel white stove enamel (RAL 9016).
Diffuser: Opal acrylic.

Installation and Mounting

Ceiling mounted, surface or recessed mounting.
Recessed: Fixed into mounting surface by three adjustable spring clips. Suitable for a ceiling thickness of 5-20mm. Mineral fibre tiles may need additional support. Cut out - 16W Ø275mm and 38W Ø375mm.
Surface: Two fixing centres:
16W - central Ø19mm cable entry + screw fixings at 45mm, 70mm and 78mm centres.
38W - 2 x Ø19mm cable entry + screw fixings at 78mm centres with 3 way 2 x 2.5mm² terminal block.


To specify state:
Shallow surface/recessed luminaire with circular opal diffuser and white stand-off ring, with integral HPF control gear for 16/38W TC-DD compact fluorescent lamp.
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Glorie Surface version

Glorie Emergency surface version

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
GLORIE 1X38W TC-DD OP AC E3FSSGR10q4.0096008216

Glorie Recessing frame

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
GLORIE 5050-24 RC FRAME 16W0.8096004687
GLORIE 5050-34 RC FRAME 38W1.2096004688