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  • Perlan

Slim, curved profile, T16 fluoresent IP20 luminaire with clear prismatic or opal acrylic diffuser for ceiling mounting

  • General lighting luminaire optimised for twin T16 fluorescent lamps
  • Screw-fixed end caps for improved diffuser security
  • Prism shape retained throughout the curved diffuser to optimise light output and reduce shadows from components

Materials and Finish

Body: White pre painted aluzinc.
End caps: White plastic (ASA).
Diffuser: Clear prismatic or opal acrylic.

Installation and Mounting

Surface or bracket mounted. 1 Ø 12mm knock out hole in each end cap. Two cable entry holes Ø 19mm on top of the luminaire (except 14W which has a cable entry hole at one of the end caps instead). Terminal block 3 x 2 x 2.5mm².

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Perlan Opal

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
PERLAN 2X14W OPFDHG51.4096188297
PERLAN 2X14W OP LI830FDHG51.5096202450
PERLAN 2X28W OPFDHG52.5096188299
PERLAN 2X28W OP LI830FDHG52.7096202453