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  • Elevation
  • Elevation

Semi-recessed fluorescent luminaire with high performance central optic and elegant wings for more indirect lighting

  • Contemporary, slim, unobtrusive design, with gradual transition of light from central optic to ceiling
  • Excellent optical performance with LOR up to 82%
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Optional dimming, mini-sensor and emergency versions

Materials and Finish

Body and reflectors: sheet steel painted white (close to RAL9010)
Wings: reeded opal acrylic (AC)
Louvre: Satinbrite double parabolic aluminium
Optic: MPT (Micro Prism) solid optic

Installation and Mounting

Lay-in (into 15 and 24mm ceiling grid system) and lay-out fitting. Quick and easy to install via plug and play connection facility, simple mounting brackets and click and fix components. Lamps are easily accessable via removable central optic. Electrical connection is via flush panel mounted GST 18/4 male connector (plug) for HF WL4 versions and 18/6 box T connector for dimmable WL6 versions which protrudes 30mm from back of body. E3TX emergency versions have an additional 18/3 box T connector (not mains rated) protruding 30mm from back of body.


To specify state:
High performance (82% LOR) semi-recessed fluorescent luminaire with opal wings and central satinbrite louvre or MPT optic for 24W T16 or 55W TC-L lamps with electronic fixed output/digital dimmable gear and options for mini-sensor/LED emergency.
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Elevation Emergency

Elevation Dimmable

Elevation Dimmable, emergency

Elevation Mini sensor

Elevation Mini sensor, emergency

Elevation Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONNECT EM S3 R0.0296503766
CONNECT T4 (BAG OF 5)2.8096200562
MINI WEDGE1.0096218676