IndiQuattro / IQ 2x24W T16 HFI LV L830


Data Sheet

Recessed modular direct/indirect luminaire for 2 x 24W T16 lamp(s) with Electronic, DALI / DSI digital dimmable control gear. Body and coffer in white painted steel with satinbrite aluminium louvre and micro perforated white painted steel sides. Lay in installation to 15/24mm exposed tee ceilings only. Easy electrical connection via 5 x 2 x 2.5mm² terminal block under external access flap on rear of body. Complete with 830 lamp(s).

Dimensions: 597 x 597 x 70 mm
Total power: 49.5 W
Weight: 4.75 kg

Mode selection
  • Posición de la lámpara:STD - estándar
  • Fuente de luz:2 x T16 / 24W
  • Flujo luminoso de luminaria*:2657 lm
  • Flujo luminoso nominal de lámparas:2 x 1750 lm
  • Rendimiento luminoso de las luminarias*:54 lm/W
  • Lamp efficacy:70 lm/W
  • Índice de reproducción de los colores mín.:80
  • Balasto:1x HFI* Tridonic PCA T5 ECO lp
  • Potencia de la luminaria*:49,5 W Lambda = 0,98
  • Potencia en standby*:0,2 W
  • Control:DALIDSI
  • Categoría de mantenimiento:D - Cerrado IP2X
  • T16
  • CE
  • Einb_NDaeMat
  • 960°
  • IK03
  • IP20
  • Protection Class 1
  • Ta=25


Photometric configuration


Use CalcExpress to quickly carry out quick online calculations of required indoor luminaire numbers for rectangular rooms. Enter the calculation parameters for your solution such as room dimensions, mounting height, height of the useful plane and required level of illuminance, and the site will instantly suggest a solution according to the light output ratio method.

Step 1: Technical data
Step 2: Room Data
Step 3: Result