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Invincible II

  • Invincible II
  • Invincible II

A range of recessed fluorescent luminaires sealed to IP65/54 (below/above) for maximum protection

  • Quick and easy to clean low profile frame design with 4mm toughened safety glass
  • Foam gaskets on both housing and frame ensures IP seal
  • Self regulating breather ensures IP65 protection through air pressure equalisations
  • Suitable for use in cleanroom classifications to EN ISO 14644-1 (Classes 3 to 9)

Materials and Finish

Housing: white powder coated sheet steel with polycarbonate corner pieces, polyurethane foam foam gasket around the housing edge.
Optics: double parabolic satinbrite Bivergenz® louvre or clear prismatic PMMA diffuser.
Frame: white painted low profile anodised aluminium frame with 4mm toughened safety glass cover and polyurethane foam gasket.

Installation and Mounting

Designed for installation into most ceiling system types including exposed and concealed tees (luminaires are not compatible when ceiling tiles join the tee on a side 'off centre' position), The tee must have a maximum width of 24mm and a height range of 20-60mm. In solid ceilings suitable apetures are recomended. Luminaires are not suitable for in use spring tee celing grids such ss SAS120 / Armstrong Orcal 1800. When installed into SAS 150 / Armstrong Orcal 3000 spring tee ceiling grids the luminair clamps onto the tee grid above and not flush to the tile. luminaire lamps must run parrallel to the spring tees. please consult the ceiling manufacturers technical specification for compatability. Invincible II has 4x20mm suspension holes in the housing. Suction cups must be ordered seperatly and you must decide the appropriate quantity required.


To specify state:
Recessed luminaire IP65/54 sealed with clear prismatic or louvre optics. Smooth white low profile anodised aluminium extruded frame with a 4mm toughened safety glass cover. 14/24/28/54W T16 linear fluorescent lamps or 40/55W TC-L compact fluorescent lamps with high frequency control gear. Self regulating breather. Polyurethane foam gaskets on both housing and frame, EN ISO Cleanliness Class 1-9.
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