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Menlo³ Circular

  • Menlo³ Circular
  • Menlo³ Circular

Unique recessed luminaires for T16 (T5) or LED light sources with a totally alternative aesthetic

  • Outstanding photometric performance with high LOR and efficiency
  • Spherical central diffuser and surrounding light chamber subtly introduces a circular geometry into the celing plane for visual interest
  • High performance diffuser material cleverly conceals T16 lamps or LEDs for a uniform lit apperarance
  • LED version is a real alternative to traditional fluorescent equivalents - gives greater lumen output with maximum efficacy (78lm/W), yet delivers the complete lighting performance expected of the Menlo³ range

Materials and Finish

Body: white pre painted Steel (close to RAL 9010)
Light Chamber / circular diffuser: vacuum-formed opalised acrylic

Installation and Mounting

Supplied fully assembled with protective film for quick, easy and clean installation. Suitable for lay-in installation into 15mm or 24mm exposed tee ceilings. Unique ‘wedge’ brackets (included) are fitted externally via adjacent tile opening to allow pull up installation into most exposed tee or concealed grid ceilings without opening the luminaire. Alternative versions also available with internally fitted wedge brackets for pull up installation into plasterboard ceilings (LED version uses internal fit wedge brackets, to be ordered separately). Electrical connection is quick and easy via externally mounted connector on back of body. Optic is easily removed and replaced by hand for lamp access and retained by wishbone springs.


T16 versions:
To specify state:
Recessed mounted luminaire for 14W T16 linear fluorescent lamps with unique ‘floating’ circular diffuser and light chamber. Suitable for lay-in into exposed tee grids or for pull up into concealed grids or plasterboard ceilings with unique ‘mini-wedge’ brackets and external electrical connection. Fixed output or digital dimmable control gear with 3 hour self/addressable test integral LED emergency versions and option for integral sensor head.
As Thorn Menlo³ Circular.

LED version:
To specify state:
Recessed mounted luminaire for 4 x 11W LED light source with unique 'floating' circular diffuser and light chamber. Suitable for lay-in into exposed tee grids or for pull-up into concealed grid ceilings with unique 'mini-wedge' brackets and with external electrical connection. Electronic, digital dimmable gear and options for min-sensor/LED emergency. For emergency versions, please specify E3 for manual testing or E3TX for SelfTest/Addressable test.
As Thorn Menlo³ Circular LED.

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Menlo³ Circular

Menlo³ Circular Dimmable

Menlo³ Circular Emergency

Menlo³ Circular Dimmable emergency

Menlo³ Circular LED dimmable

Menlo³ Circular LED dimmable, emergency

Menlo³ Circular For plasterboard ceilings

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
MENLO3C 4X14W T16 HF WL4 AC MRP L840FDHG55.3096548242
MENLO3C 4X14W T16 HF WL4 MRP PC L840FDHG55.3096548235

Menlo³ Circular Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
BUCHSE 5P GST18i5S B1 Z BK0.0596106286
CONNECT EM S3 R0.0296503766
CONNECT S30.0296014769
CONNECT S40.0396200559
CONNECT S6 B1.0096233052
MINI WEDGE1.0096218676