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Specline LED

  • Specline LED
  • Specline LED

A recessed LED modular with a choice of optics for optimum lighting of offices and retail spaces

  • The combination of high efficacy LED module and high performance optics delivers up to 3700 luminaire lumens while achieving 100 Llm/W with a connected load per fitting of 37W
  • Choice of two optics (OP = retail, MPT = office) for different application requirements
  • Lay in/pull up installation complies with most ceiling types
  • Plug & Play connection as standard with Wieland connectors

Materials and Finish

Body: steel sheet, white
Diffuser: opal acrylic
Optic: micro prism acrylic (PMMA)

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for most 15 or 24mm exposed ceilings, the luminaire simply lays onto the ceiling grid for quick installation. Pull up installation with external wedge KIT possible.


To specify state:
Recessed modular LED luminaire for lay in/pull up installation with MPT optic or opal diffuser delivering 3500 / 3700 lm.
As Thorn Specline LED.

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Specline LED

Specline LED Emergency

Specline LED Dimmable

Specline LED Dimmable, emergency

Specline LED Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
BUCHSE 5P GST18i5S B1 Z BK0.0596106286
CONNECT S30.0296014769
CONNECT S40.0396200559
CONNECT S6 B1.0096233052
EXTERNAL WEDGE KIT (4)0.1559003418