MovU PIR Lateral / MOVU PIR MLE MAX8-20M 30KM/H W4M


Ficha técnica

Passive infra-red sensor made of black polycarbonate within a die-cast aluminium housing powder coated in light grey (close to RAL9006), to detect pedestrians and cyclists with a speed below 30km/h from 4 to 20m distant at 180°. The device is compatible with any LED luminaires, preferably in corridor mode (ON/OFF is not recommended to ensure the feeling of safety for users). Group installations (master/slave) possible with RF or pilot line (up to 15 luminaires per detector on the same line). The built-in red LED lights up when presence is detected. Switch off delay (5sec to 15min) and detection distance (8 to 20m (default) or 4 to 8m) can be set on site. To be mounted at 3,5m height on a column with 2xM6 stainless steel screws. Coordinated columns are available.