Voyager Square / Voy Square 220 P MSW ECD WH SP1-E001-L


Ficha técnica

A slim, square, surface mounted, LED safety sign luminaire. Luminaire for central emergency light supply, for single luminaire monitoring via DALI (DALI-2 certified), settable emergency light level. NFC interface for addressing, configuration and maintenance via PROset Pen (article: 22170290) or PROset app, addressing also alternatively possible visually or via EZ-addressing. Power supply: 220-240 Vac (± 10%), 50/60 Hz; 176-280 Vdc. Body: injection moulded polycarbonate, white (RAL 9016). Diffuser: opal polycarbonate, with glued, printed emergency exit direction arrow (left) pictogram according to ISO 7010. Uniform backlighting of pictogram, luminance > 500 cd/m² in the white region and 200 cd / m² on average in mains mode (according to DIN 4844), 2 cd / m² minimum in emergency mode (according to EN 1838). Recognition distance according to EN 1838: 44m. Class II electrical, IP65, Impact strength: IK10. ambient temperature: -30°C to +35°C. Suitable for direct mounting to wall. Loop-in, loop-out is possible for cables up to 2.5 mm². BESA compatible. Food certificate (to be used in areas with fully packaged food). Luminaire wired with halogen free and silicone free leads. Luminaire with D symbol (for use in environments in which the accumulation of conductive dust on the luminaire can be expected).

Mode selection
  • Posición de la lámpara:STD - estándar
  • Fuente de luz:LED
  • Flujo luminoso de luminaria*:195 lm
  • Rendimiento luminoso de las luminarias*:39 lm/W
  • Driver:1 x 89800571 DRV EM TR CPS P NO DA 5W 2
  • Vida útil nominal media*:L90 50000 h para 25 °C
  • Potencia de la luminaria*:5 W Factor de potencia = 0,7
  • Control:DaliDim
  • Categoría de mantenimiento CIE 97:E - Cerrado IP5X
  • LED
  • CE
  • D
  • Food
  • 850°
  • IK10
  • IP65
  • SC2
  • Ta=-30°C_to_35°C

Curva fotométrica

Photometric configuration


Usa CalcExpress para hacer cálculos online rápidos del número de luminarias necesarias para espacios rectangulares. Introduce los parámetros de cálculo para tu solución como las dimensiones del espacio, altura de montaje, altura del plano de trabajo y los niveles de iluminancia requeridos; esta aplicación te dará de manera instantánea una solución de acuerdo al ratio de salida lumínica.

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