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La luminaria Aquaforce Pro IP66 establece un nuevo estándar para la iluminación LED resistente a la humedad y al polvo

  • Condiciones de humedad y polvo: La luminaria IP66 es resistente al polvo y a chorros potentes de agua. Su exclusivo efecto "Drip-Edge" evita que la suciedad y la humedad se acumulen en la luminaria.
  • Resistant to water, dust, dirt and impact: This robust luminaire is resistant to the elements, with high IP66 and IK08 rating. A clever drip-edge design avoids dust and dirt depositing on the light output surface
  • Comunicación inalámbrica: pueder ser controlada de manera individual o en grupo gracias a los sensores de luz, y las luminarias pueden conectarse entre sí sin cables, un sofisticado sistema de control si necesidad de cableado.
  • Fit for refurbishment: With a wide range of lumen outputs, up to 10.000 lm, the luminaire is suitable to serve as a one-for-one replacement and with efficiency as high as 167lm/W, the potential savings are significant
  • Simple to install, use and maintain. Long mounting sliders make for easy installation, while our unique EasyClick mechanism allows simple, snap-on mounting, and seven different wiring possibilities are available
  • Now Aquaforce Pro is also available to be mounted on our CONTUS trunking system

Materiales y acabados

Canopy: light grey polycarbonate (PC)
Diffuser: polycarbonate (PC), high transmission opal diffuser, combining scattering effects inside material with refraction prisms. Canopy and diffuser are always the same material.

Instalación y montaje

Patented snap-on mechanism EasyClick for rapid, clipless mounting and opening of diffuser. Approved for indoor use or in canopied outdoor areas. Extended mounting slots for highest on site flexibility.
Surface: suitable for direct surface or BESA mounting. 10 cable entry options at 5 different positions. Quick-fix brackets supplied for surface mounting. Suitable for ceiling and wall mounting (both vertically and horizontally).
Chain suspension: mounting kits for conduit, chain suspension and catenary suspension are available as accessories.
Trunking: available for CONTUS trunking system


To specify state:
IP66 LED moisture proof luminaire: protection against dust and powerful jets of water. Electronic, fixed output or DALI dimmable control gear. Class I electrical. Medium-beam (MB) light distribution or wide-beam (WB) light distribution, specially adapted for the new norm “Lighting in public car-parks” (DIN 67528) (WB). Patented Drip Edge Effect for limiting dirt deposits on diffuser. 3000K / 4000K; CRI>80; lifetime [email protected] hours. High efficiency up to 167 lm/W. Designed for BESA installation. Dimensions: 1100 x 90 x 90 mm (2.900, 4.300 and 5.200 lm and Weight: 1,7 kg) or 1600 x 90 x 90 mm (4.300, 6.400,8.000 and 10000 lm and Weight: 2,1 kg). With control systems, MWS, MWCF, BC, MWBC and MWCFBC. Available also with quick connect and built-in through wiring (integral loop-in/loop-out wiring: 5 x 2.5 mm² + 2 x 1.5 mm²). Nominal power: from 21W to 70W. Complies with the requirements of international food industry standards. Chromaticity tolerance between multiple luminaires of up to 3 MacAdam ellipses.
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Aquaforce Pro S

Aquaforce Pro S, emergency

Descripción   TipoPeso (kg)Código SAP
AQFPRO S LED2900-840 PC MB HF E3LED2.1096630981
AQFPRO S LED4300-840 PC MB HF E3LED2.1096630982

Aquaforce Pro S, dimmable

Aquaforce Pro S, dimmable, emergency

Descripción   TipoPeso (kg)Código SAP
AQFPRO S LED2900-840 PC MB HFI E3DLED2.1096630983

Aquaforce Pro S, sensor

Aquaforce Pro S, sensor, corridor function

Aquaforce Pro L

Aquaforce Pro L, emergency

Aquaforce Pro L, dimmable

Aquaforce Pro L, dimmable, emergency

Aquaforce Pro L, sensor

Aquaforce Pro L, sensor, corridor function

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